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【Only 2 Days Left Until the Entry Deadline!!】

【Only 2 Days Left Until the Entry Deadline!!】

Thank you for the many entries! The deadline for entries through the official website is July 5th (Friday) at 18:00! *Fax entries are no longer being accepted.

Visit the official website here!

Also, the annual grand event "Kutchan Jaga Festival 2024" will be held around the area in front of Kutchan Station on August 3rd (Saturday) and 4th (Sunday)! The festival will be enlivened with the impressive "Hundred Drums" and "Jaga Nebuta," and the event will conclude with the "Jaga Thousand Dancers" and about 1,000 fireworks lighting up the night sky!

It's an event you can enjoy before and after the hill climb, so be sure to experience the "Kutchan Jaga Festival 2024" as well.

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