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Car Journey Times

  • From / Distance / Journey Time / Route

  • Sapporo → Niseko / 100km / 2hrs 20mins / Route 230 via the Nakayama Pass

  • Otaru → Niseko / 70km / 1hr 35mins

  • Hakodate → Niseko / 180km / 3hrs 20mins

Car Rental

Car rental services available at New Chitose Airport: Nippon Rent-A-Car, Orix Rent-A-Car, Japaren Rent, Mazda Car Rental, Toyota Rent-A-Car, Nissan Rent-A-Car, Honda Rent-A-Car, JR Station Rent-A-Car, J-net Rent-A-Car. Please be sure to read each company's page for international driver's lisence, Nippon Rent-a-carTOYOTA Rent-a-car. It's informed about necessary documents to take a procedure.   

Car rental services in the Niseko area: Toyota Rent-A-Car


New Chitose Airpozrt  ↔  Niseko, Sapporo ↔ Niseko

White Liner Ski Bus      Contact: +81 11 624 8822   Opening Hours : 10:00-16:00 (JST)  Year around

Hokkaido Resort Liner Ski Bus Contact: +81 11 200 0506   Opening Hours:9:00-18:00 (JST)

NGS Big Runs        Contact: +81 136 55 7007 


JR Trains (to Kutchan Station)

Otaru → JR Kutchan Station                             1hr - 1hr 20 mins
Sapporo → JR Kutchan Station                         approx. 2 hrs
New Chitose Airport → JR Kutchan Station    approx. 2 hrs 45 mins
Hakodate → JR Kutchan Station                       3 - 4 hrs
Tokyo → Kutchan                                                over 10hrs


Ferries are options for who have time and want to transport from the main island of Japan to Hokkaido.

NPB(Niseko Promotion Board) is introducing a list offerries company for who are looking for it. For more details please visit HERE.


Domestic airports connected to Hokkaido(New chitose airport)

Tokyo, Narita, Osaka(Itami), Kansai International airport, Kobe, , Nagoya(Central), Asahikawa, Kushiro, Nemambetsu, Rishiri, Wakkanai, Aomori, Iwate-Hanamaki, Akita, Yamagata, Sendai, Fukushima, Toyama, Shin-shu Matsumoto, Komatsu, Hiroshima, Fukoka

Major airlines:JALANA 

LCC(Low Cost Carrier):Peach, Air DoSkymarkJetstar Japan

Find more HERE

International Airports/Airlines connected to Hokkaido(New Chitose airport)

Seoul(Incheon), Busan, Dalien, Shanghai, Beijin, Hong Kong, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Guam, Taipei, Bangkok
JAL, ANA, Peach Aviation, Korean Airlines, Auora Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, EVA Airlines, China Airlines Air China, THAIAIRASIAX, JIN AIR, Hawaian Airlines, Thai Airways, T'Way Airlines, Spring Airlines, Hongkong Airlines, AIRASIA X,etc

Find more HERE


Chitose airport ---> Niseko by bus

About 2h30m

Chitose airport ---> Niseko by rental car

About 2 hours

Find Flights HERE



Thank you for your patience.

We have six designated parking areas for Niseko HANAZONO Hill Climb 2023, please check below.


□Kutchan Town Hall Parking Lot

Click here for details.


□Hokkaido Shakotan Comprehensive Development Bureau Parking Lot

Click here for details.


□JA Yohtei Parking Lot

Click here for details.


□Eikyoji Temple Parking Lot

Click here for details.


□Kutosan Park Parking Lot

Click here for details.


□Kutchan Town Insurance and Welfare Hall Parking Lot

Click here for details.

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