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Nationality - Japan


As a bicycle journalist, he is involved in writing and photographing mainly for media specializing in bicycles.

Author of "Hill Climb Perfect Strategy" and other books.

As a strong amateur racer, he has experienced hill climbs and road races in Japan and abroad.

He has participated in the Niseko HANAZONO Hill Climb, where he came in second in his class.

Other achievements include winning the champion class of the Tour de Yatsugatake, the champion class of the Mt. Ishizuchi Hill Climb, and the Mt. Fuji Hill Climb (general category).



I am very happy that this event will be held in Niseko. The Niseko HANAZONO Hill Climb is a challenging and varied course with a fast, road race-like section in the beginning and a steep gradient in the middle of the course. We look forward to seeing you in Niseko!

Nationality - Japan



As a pioneer among female cyclists, she has been widely introducing the appeal of sports bicycles to a wide range of media, from specialized magazines to the general public.

She is also an event MC and guest rider, and has won and placed in hill climb races herself.

She has also ridden in overseas events such as Etap du Tour, Gran Fondo Pinarello, and Truku International Hill Climb.

He has also written many books, including "Ryoko Hyuga's Hill Climb Navi" and "Beautiful Hill Baka.



I enjoyed a long stay in Niseko last summer and experienced many activities as well as cycling. This will be my first time participating in the HANAZONO Hill Climb. I will be participating in the HANAZONO Hill Climb for the first time. I have one and a half months to go, and I will be working hard to get fit with a goal in mind. Thank you all for your support!

Nationality - Japan


Born in Nara Prefecture and currently resides in Aichi Prefecture.

Purchased a road bike while in college and began touring.
Currently, he is active mainly in hobby races.
He has won top prizes in the Tour de Okinawa and the Niseko Classic.
He has won the Norikura Hill Climb, a race that is synonymous with him, eight times, tying the all-time record.
He has been participating in the Niseko Hill Climb as a guest rider since 2017.

He works for the manufacturer of GOKISO wheels, which he also uses.


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